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GeekOtopos located in Nicosia/Cyprus is a non-profit collaborative hive specializing in bringing creative freelancers together in a co-working, open source environment. Filmmakers, graphic artists, producers, multimedia developers, comic book artists and anyone who works in visual mediums can join and take residency to develop current and future projects.

GeekOtopos is a content creator focusing on alternative media creation and projects targeted at pop culture enthusiasts and not only. Film, VOD, web, video game and app productions using our talent pool of #GeekOtopos residents and offside partners for personal or corporate projects. In house we also operate a YouTube channel that focuses on all things Geeky: Movies, Tv Series, Comic Books, Video Games and Gadgets.

GeekOtopos is a knowledge enhancer organizing events, seminars and workshops targeting educating the general public and training of visual professionals in collaboration with internationally recognized institutions.

GeekOtopos is both a place and mindset where you are not constrained by routine and creativity blocks. We aim at networking and stimulating freelance and small business creatives to create and distribute amazingly cool nerdy things.

what is #geekotopos?

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