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Geek Pride Day Cyprus

24th - May - 2018

A very important calendar day for any geek, the Geek Pride Day was created in Spain in 2006 and has since been introduced in multiple countries across the globe.


CyFi will work closely with Taco Bell Cyprus to organize the first Geek Pride Day parade in Cyprus on the 24th of May.


A large group of proud Geeks will wear their true “colors” and march from the entrance of The Mall of Cyprus towards K-Cineplex for a special, island-first, premiere of one of the most highly anticipated scifi films of 2018 which will also mark the official opening for both CyFi and Eyekon Comic Con.


After the screening Taco Bell will host an after party at its downtown restaurant where we will live stream our first reactions and ruffle a Han Solo collectors figure worth 280€ by Gamers’Boulevard. A dedicated event page for GEEK PRIDE DAY will give you all the details.

***The first 100 participants to register will enter the "mystery" premiere for free and get in the ruffle for the limited edition Han Solo figure!***

Facebook Event Page
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